The last time most of us checked, medical school was supposed to be the purpose designed breeding pool for tomorrow's healthcare professionals in the form of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, and the lot of them. Not that anything's particularly changed about that, but a medical doctor armed with the ability to rap, sing, act, produce beats, draw music video story boards, and write his own songs, while astonishing you with a stage presence and electrifying Christ-esque swagger that is generally believed to be immiscible with the demeanor expected from practitioners of his profession (in addition to his full qualification to practice medicine on you) is definitely bound to generate untold media buzz in nanoseconds!

But the stethoscope wielding rapper/producer/songwriter’s foray into today’s hip hop scene is no epileptic fluke or overnight experiment gone awry. More than seven hard and long years in the making, Dr Sankty painstakingly sought to perfect his forte in the area of rapping and production, and this he did alongside school mates and music super-freaks Aibet, Tenstrings, D' Crow, Sliced Bread, Cold Flames, and Timi Da Black One of the then Trybe Family (that also starred ElDee, Dr SID, Sasha, 2Shotz, Blaise et al), and under the iconic label Sound Mic Action Records, independently produced, recorded and released his debut effort, "Going Public", which made all of Medilag sit up and take notice.

Dr Sankty (medical license reads Dr Oluseyi Toluleke Ayankogbe), was also very much deeply involved in the local party/club scene at the time, earning him the name ‘Dj Sanktifyed’, because he specialized in club grooves with far less edginess than the usual mainstream stereotypes popular with much of urban music of today. Under Aibet's Sound Mic Action umbrella, the trio known as DPA (Sankty, Aibet and Tenstrings) produced and recorded over fifty tracks as both solo and group efforts, while maintaining a hectic, grueling medical student schedule and lifestyle. But even with such overt success, Sankty never seriously considered a career in music at the time, preferring to regard it as more of a passion driven hobby. Not until he stole the attention of fledgling entertainment group Win X Entertainment at an audition to scout for fresh, innovative talent in his final year in 2007 and was offered a promotional deal by the group's music arm, Tower Gate Records, which matured into a full recording contract roughly a year later, after being heavily re-processed stylistically to better appeal to a more home based audience.

The campaign kicked off with the first single 'Fly Away' off the much anticipated, ever evolving, soon to be released album 'Declassified', and though the single gained limited airplay on radio, it generated a massive underground buzz that propelled a second single, 'I No Send U' into the market. Subsequently, Dr Sankty exploded onto the public entertainment scene earlier this year in what many might misconstrue as an 'overnight success', flying right onto TV screens worldwide with a ground-breaking hit video for his flagship single 'I No Send U' (shot by maverick director Lawrence Omo-Iyare) which landed the No. 9 spot on Nigezie Top 10 videos for several weeks and No. 5 on X2D Top 5 videos and till date boasts of incessant airplay on music video rotations like SoundCity, Nigezie (including UK and US), Channel O, MTV Base, STV and X2D, giving rise to television appearances on Nigezie's 'Tear Rubber' segment, Silverbird TV's Artist Zone, and LTV's Guest of the Week slot, while the single itself premiered on numerous radio stations and garnered guest appearances on radio shows in Unilag FM, Eko FM (with DJ Excel), and several others.

Sankty has also headlined in several events that have also starred such artists as Jesse Jagz, BOUQUI, H-Man, Protek, and countless others as well as collaborative efforts with hip hop diva Kel, Psalmos, Clay, Big Dely Mo, Sliced Bread, and super producer T Clex.

Below are some tracks off His much anticipated project, titled “Declassified: The Prequel Mixtape”,

Dr Sankty - Whatcha Say Rmx (Ft Jason Derulo) by PRAIZHOUSE

Dr Sankty - Two Of Us (Ft Leigh Nash of Sixpence None The Richer) by PRAIZHOUSE


So if you like what you just heard, which i am sure you do,you can go ahead and download the mixtape here:


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