Boyede - Back to Basics

Boyede grew up with "theater in his blood", as his siblings often joked. His musical skills were made known as far back as the tender age of 7, when he first stepped on stage in a musical at the University of Ibadan Theater Arts Department. Though focusing more on acting back then, he never let up on his song composition skills, often humming tunes and beats into tape recorders and penning lyrics to accompany such tunes at such a tender age. He won several dancing and singing competitions at the University of Ibadan and the International School Ibadan, and represented Nigeria at a Drama camp in Luxembourg. His flair for the arts was no doubt in-born.

His time at the International School Ibadan (I.S.I) only confirmed what friends and family had known for years. Playing all lead roles in the 3 major school musicals during his five years at I.S.I, Boyede (nicknamed Boyizo) rose to 'stardom' among his peers for his acting, dancing and singing skills. His place in the mainstream world of music was about set. or so he thought.

A dramatic salvation encounter with Jesus at Christ Chapel Ibadan on the 7th of March 1993 changed his set ideas and would later pave the way for his love for "Good news" music production. Finally coming to terms with the reality of placing God first, his sole focus was now in getting his lyrics and songs to reflect his Christian faith. His talent and love for Hip-hop, RnB, Reggae, Fuji and Juju music would finally be put to use for something bigger than he.

Boyede is one of the few artists out there that not only creates his own beats and writes all his lyrics, but also does all his vocals, instruments' arrangements, mixing & mastering. We like to refer to him as a one stop music production shop.

Now married to his sweetheart, Damola, Boyede has literally spent the past few years behind the scenes, perfecting the gift and purpose that God has placed in his heart: reaching our youth with encouraging lyrics and rhythms all can relate and dance to. Though Christ centered, his lyrics will get both Christian and non-Christian alike thinking. Top that with the undeniably "hip" rhythms, that can only be described as a fusion of Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, Dance Hall and Afro beat. His form of music is now ready to take on the world with some "Good News". He calls it "Ethno G'Newz". We call it..."beautiful"
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Boyede.

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