Friday, May 27, 2011

Florocka - A rockstar with a heart of worship

Florocka is the stage name of Singer, Songwriter and Music Producer Nathan Akiremi,
A legal practitioner by training, Flo left the wig and courtroom to follow his passion for music.
With a 16 years experience in music production,Flo’s production and collaboration credits, is like a list of the who is who of Nigerian Gospel music scene,from  Aaron T Aaron to Midnite Crew', 'Yinka Davies', 'Tony Adoki', Mike Aremu', 'Vivien Stephen', 'Kore', 'Onos Bikawei' and many more.

A director of the gospel label Doxazo, which is  currently redefining the gospel music scene.

Flo is married to Gospel sensation Efe Nathan  and their union is blessed with a beautiful daughter .

Ladies and gentlemen lets leave talk and rather listen to music

Enjoy ......

Below are some excerpts from his upcoming album "The Overflo"


  1. FLO has a signature sound, which he injects into his work. He is one of those music producers I expect great things from.

  2. A unique artist and wonderful singer,lovely voice.