Guvna B (God’s Unique Vessel Now Assigned) real name Isaac Borquaye is a Christian performing artist who creates influential and inspiring music. His artistry is current and relevant to today’s world and consistently at the cutting edge of what will be the future for Gospel music. .

In creating output, Guvna B draws from personal experiences and observations made living in and around the gritty and fast-pace streets of London. His music addresses such life issues, not through romanticising negative values or pretending hardship doesn’t exist, but by offering reasoning with an insight based upon his own profound faith and religious understanding. In his work this remains self evident as Guvna B continues to consistently deliver well crafted, conscious music. Music that is powerful enough to neutralise and banish so much of the negativity that has plagued this world for years..

A courage and boldness not to follow the stereotypical trends of youths of today has led to many doors opening for Guvna B. This has allowed him to share his views on his faith as a devout Christian. In so doing, he has retained the essential ability to make excellent music. A talent that has been acknowledged not only by he growing legions of fans, but by broadcast media such as Choice FM, BBC and Premier Radio that are constantly airing his songs.

Guvna B’s journey so far has seen a lot being achieved within a short space of time. At age18, Guvna B appeared on the 2007 MOBO Award winners 'G Forces' album. He has also shared the stage with Grammy nominated and award winning American artist 'Da T.R.U.T.H' & 'LeCrae'. He has worked with MOBO nominated artists Jahaziel & Noel Robinson. His story was shared with many in May 2008 when he appeared on the front cover of nationwide magazine 'Gospel Link'. A remix of 'Express Train' with MOBO award nominees 'Four Kornerz' met with critical acclaim and Guvna B’s numerous television experiences span BBC, MTV, Sky News, Channel U, Revelation TV, OBE TV & BEN TV.

The December 2009 appearance of Guvna B not only celebrates his UMA (Urban Music Awards) win for Best Gospel Act, but marked the release of the DVD of his sell-out concert at the historical Hackney Empire.

His current album release 'The Narrow Road' showcases his versatility and continues to sell well in leading outlets. This was his first two independent release with his new album due spring of 2010.

Guvna B is a well rounded artist who not only makes good music; he makes good music of substance based around relevant content. Guvna B’s stage presence is proven. His performances in front of more than five thousand people at the 'Festival of Life', and thousands at 'GL Live', as well as his 2009 sold-out Hackney Empire concert stand as testament to that fact. Guvna B continues to make national and international appearances. Whether through touring extensively on his own or being called upon to support international artists such as Kirk Franklin

Guvna B has wisdom and knowledge beyond his years, a boundless musical talent and a burning desire to relevantly equip the nation with the word of God.

Below are some tracks off the Scrapbook mixtape and also a link to download the mixtape.


Skin Deep by fhanthomsMuzik

One Body Ft A Star, Presha J, Jake, Jay Dolph by fhanthomsMuzik

Kofi Ft Michaela The Poet by fhanthomsMuzik

B2B Ft Brewer by fhanthomsMuzik


Guvna B

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