Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Olatubosun "Tbos" Durotoye was born in Lagos on the 14th of September, some years back. He was brought up on the streets of Bodija, Ibadan before he moved to Lagos. The fledgling rapper was known as "Turbo" as due to his swift dance routines as a dancer/choreographer which he later modified into 'Tbos'.


An ex-cultist, in his high institution he renounced when he found God in his final year in school. This event totally transformed his life while he started listening to Tbone, an american gospel rapper who later became one of his mentors, Tbos began testing out a few sample tunes provided by Mr Jay (His Core Producer) with the lyrics flowing effortlessly from the top of his head. Tbos has been writing songs since then and he’s written two of HiTV's top radio jingles. His electricfying stage performance caught attention of many when he performed on SOD's Celebrity Takes Two (1st and 2nd season), Xclusive to Divinity's RAVE and a couple of open mics at Taruwa.


Tbos is currently promoting his singles: "I AM" and "MILIKI". It provides insight into the mind of a man that's helpless without God.


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