I got a mail from Akire entertainment the other day on a young rapper called Melvillous a 19 year old Gospel Rapper from East London with a heart to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through his music.

 He has been recording music and ministering through his chosen art form for over 4 years now, and has a real passion for reaching all people with his message.

The Primary Goal of the new mixtape, The Difference was to take well known, secular beats, and cover them with original gospel content and christian lyrics. The result of which will show 'the difference' between a typical rap artist and christ-centred gospel lyricist.

Melvillous didn't want to water down any of his feelings or compromise his message when he wrote the tracks. He wanted to be able to entertain his audience and keep them attentive throughout the project, as he feeds them vital information over a popular instrumental. "I felt like gospel rap artists weren't being taking as seriously as other rappers, and that we weren't being given a chance. It's as though people just switch off when they hear someone rapping about Jesus, so I thought maybe they'd be more inclined to listen to the message if the lyrics were coupled with a familiar beat." - Melvillous

 Melvillous is releasing The Difference for Free from the 30/09/2011. It will be available for download at

 Attached is a sample from the mixtape.

  Melvillous - Wet Ya Whistle Freestyle by PRAIZHOUSE

God bless

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