Tayme Tee is a British-born  Nigerian gospel and soul artist; singer, song writer, keyboardist & producer whose style is a blend of inspirational, soulful, contemporary music with a touch of jazz and African in tribute to his Nigerian roots.

Tayme Tees songs flow both from personal prayers to God and from life and these reflects  in his musical journey so far as can be heard and felt from his debut album So Good which centres on God’s undying love towards man (Jn. 3:16) reminding all who might be in any hopeless situation that there is still Hope and Love in Him.

 So Good was well received and set the pace for the current album titled “Gonna be OK” released this summer featuring the popular ‘Forever on my mind’ and the dance-tastic ‘1 Life’ remix.
 This 8 track must-have CD effortlessly transports the listener from praise to worship, reflection and dance on the wings of smooth vocals, fresh beats and simply inspired lyrics.

He sings with a unique tone and depth of emotion that ignites an
interest in his audience to want to explore Tayme Tee.Enjoy!!!

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