Tuesday, January 3, 2012


           I welcome you all to 2012, hope you had fun during this holiday period?
           First post of this year, is on fast rising upcoming gospel rap artiste "Ambassage".

Andrew Abu aka Ambassage is a gifted song writer, Rapper and Producer with a passion for inspiring and positively influencing lives through music based on Kingdom values,  is one of today’s most sought after Emcees. His powerful performances attest to his love for God, Souls and of course, his Music.  With catchy and ‘phat’ beats laced with skillful yet deep and spirit filled  rhymes , Ambassage simply leaves listeners awestruck and wanting more with hit tracks like Showcase, Gidi City Anthem.


His distinct style of Hip Rock and ‘Hip HopE’ - as he calls it, plus an uninhibited fusion of Rap with Rock, Classical and contemporary sounds, make him a unique and eclectic artist. In his words – “I am a Sold Out, Die Hard, Christ-a-holic who strives through my music,to  show that young people can be “Saved, Proud and Loud about it - and still have clean fun”. 

This funny, funky and fun-loving dude, is a true example that you can have both “Faith” undiluted and the ‘cool’ ‘fresh' factor in one package.

Having performed alongside the likes of Rooftop MCs, BOUQUI, Cobhams, KORE, MidNite Crew, Frank Edwards, Jeremiah Gyang and Eben to mention a few, Ambassage is currently working on his album with producers like Jeremiah Gyang, XO, TKay; the album promises to be both uplifting and entertaining. 

 Ambassage definitely is, an artist headed for the spotlight.


  1. Love this blog and its posts. Please, where can I download Ambassage's music, really need it?

  2. Thanks a lot, you can download the song SHOWCASE above, for other songs from Ambassage, you can download them here