Otto Paul is renowned poet, author and orator; He is also a prolific song writer, actor and musician. His self realization kicked off as a teenage boy where he invested most of his time on self tutoring; reading, painting, directing plays and choreography even before his stepped into the four walls of the university.
Otto Paul has grown to be a unique original, quite difficult to categorize. "I am typical of no one else" Otto will say humorously, "And there is nothing I cannot do except that, that I have not tried".

Today, Otto Paul is the president of one of the largest youth faith-based NGOs in Nigeria (ATC Club), a vehicle that has driven Otto cross country, spreading his message of faith, hope and unifying love, through his music, poetry and soul challenging words. Otto's attention is more on music now as he experiments his fusion of hip hop, rock funk and techno all with a blend of Naija flavor. This year Otto is coming out with his debut album titled 'I Otto-matic', with songs like Otto-matic love, Carry You Play and Destiny (feat. Lara George), as the promotional singles. Indeed this multi talented bloke is out to create an undeniable ripple in the mainstream of Nigeria's entertainment industry.

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