WriteWay Music is a Christian organisation that consists of singers, rappers, songwriters and producers with one voice and one aim: Leading the world to live the right way!
The organisation is managed by the artists themselves who are driven by their passion to see WriteWay Music make a positive impact across London, the UK and worldwide. With a strong passion for good quality music, WriteWay is focused on pushing a new sound into a generation who are heavily influenced by music and the arts.
The concept of WriteWay music was originally visualised by Tunde (Tunday) Balogun, one of the organisations flourishing artistes. 

Here is a little bio of each artist:

Tunde “Tunday” Balogun is a 23 year old rapper, songwriter, visionary, manager and youth leader who released his 1st album “Identity” on 13th June 2009 at an album launch with MOBO Award winning Victizzle (Best Gospel Act 2009) which had an attendance of 2000 people. He is a 2009 CBC Award (Christian Broadcast Council). He has toured and shared his life story at youth seminars all over the UK and internationally in countries such as New York, Florida, St Lucia and India. He has also worked with men from prisons and Youth instituations. His style is a blend of Hip Hop, Indie Rock and R&B and he is planning to release a 2nd album in 2011.

Robert “Presha J” Awuku is a 22 year old is a mc/rapper who works closely with the youth in his church. He released a single in 2008 called “No More” featuring Tunday which pushed him to start his first project which was his EP named “Changes” in 12th December 2008. He also released a music video named “Whose Side Are You On” that has gained over 31,000 views so far and was also on a playlist on Channel AKA. On the 10th December 2010, he released another video called “Changes” which was taken from his EP, which has prepared him for his release of his 1st album in the summer of 2011. His style is a mix of Indie Grime, Hip Hop and R & B.

Leke Akinyemi is a 20-year-old worship leader, singer and songwriter who is also the official worship leader in his church. He is currently working on his EP and a music video for 2011. He has collaborated with the likes of Dwayne Tryumf (International Gospel Artist) Victizzle (MOBO Award winner of Best Gospel Act in 2009) and Guvna-B (MOBO Award winner of Best Gospel Act for in 2010). His style is R & B, Acoustic, Indie Rock and Worship.

Dwayne “Rhema” Edwards is a 21 year old rapper and youth leader in development who has always desired to use music to spread his testimony. He is a newly recruited artist who has observed a growth in the careers of the aforementioned artistes, which inspired him to join the movement of WriteWay. Rhema released his first music video & Downloadable track with Writeway on 31st January 2011, received 5,000 views nationwide & over 1,000 downloads within the first week..

Below are tracks off their Oneway Mixtape.

Download Oneway Here

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