Monday, May 14, 2012


Poet and hip hop artist, RazorMarks, is part of the revolution going on in Gospel music right now with records that are soul-drenched nostalgic masterpieces. He has a catalogue that's about to deliver a consistent array of chart-topping inspirational music for listeners of every age, mood and socio-economic status.

A  Law student at the prestigious University of Lagos, Razor discontinued his law program to pursue his musical dreams. This decision was birthed from the loss of his father. On this topic, he says, "Losing my father awakened me to the brevity of life. I had to jump on the train to my destiny immediately. It's been a
journey of faith."

 “Gospel music needs to spread its tentacles and reach more people. We have the greatest message, and more people need to hear it and be inspired by it.”, he says.

His new single titled I Need You More featuring Tosin is a tip of the iceberg, below is the video for the single.

You can follow Razor Marks on Twitter- @RazorMarks

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  1. I had read this guy's story years ago and it stood out in my mind, especially the part about how losing his father showed him the need to start fulfilling his destiny.

    It was like he just disappeared from the music scene after that, but I am glad to see him back again, doing his thing. Cool video.