What do you get when you combine a sophisticated young modern man with an old school sound and urban/afro ‘stance’? The singer/rap artist Chuka Royalty. The multi-talented young man has been a long time coming, carving his own niche in an industry where recycled imitation is celebrated. Royalty does everything possible to stand out. The rapper or ‘swapper’(singer/song-writer/rapper as he likes to call himself), brings life to his music. How else would a credible artist best express himself other than to talk about the things that make him who he is?

 Following in the footsteps of his older brothers whom he would watch string together flows about everyday life. CR nurtured his own gifts by writing and rapping along to live music. Adding piano playing to his love of lyrical flows Chuka Royalty creates his own live sound of rap and old school influences. Not stopping there 2011 sees him reconnecting musically to his African roots and reintroducing it to his repertoire of sounds.

 His love of 90’s music combined with a strong stage presence which makes him entertaining and whether he is lyrically affirming his beliefs or telling life as it is or as it will be, you are instantly captivated by this young man’s ability to connect to audiences of all types. “Music is a way for me to channel my thoughts, feelings and attitudes”, he always says. Through music Royalty finds a means of expression not otherwise voiced in every-day speech. Accompanying his deep desire to enlighten people to truth while at the same time being entertaining; Chuka Royalty is the next generation of artists making a mark in the main-stream.

 CR has also been busy outside of music working for OHTV’s Africa Rising as a presenter (on Nigeria’s 50th Independence special) in 2010 to working with BEFFTA (Black Entertainment, Fashion, Film and Television Awards) as a member and youth ambassador for two years (2011-2012). His passion for change and breaking away from the norm has made him join a new established company PYFF (Plan your future first) that works with the youth, deals with lifestyle, social issues and more. 

The company is a hub of Coalition Studios UK a music/media company CR works for.  ‘The best is yet to come’ he believes and so far his 2011 BEFFTA nomination and 2012 AGMA nomination is the beginning of things to come like he said but the real shock thus far was his Afro Beats Song ‘I NO SEND DEM’ featuring on DJ Kaywise’s mixtape a well known Nigerian DJ.

 In 2012 alone Chuka Royalty has hosted an invite-only listening boat party, released his debut mixtape ‘Goodie Bag’ alongside videos of songs off the project and performed at various hot spots on the London live music circuit.

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