Brandon Avery Smith drops his new single ''Day One'' a soulful ballad about redemption and new beginnings.

In his own words ''God gave me the vision for "Day 1" on Christmas Eve, and I pray it ministers to you the way that it has ministered to me. This message is straight from the thrown of God to His children. He literally gave me the title and told me to release it in a week, on "Day 1". The funny thing about this is that I released the promotional material for the song the day after Christmas announcing that the single would be available for download on New Years Day, and the song wasn't even created yet. #FAITH & #OBEDIENCE ... Sure, I thought it was crazy and I was very nervous because as an artist, its risky to advertise something and not deliver, but then it hit me, God never fails. He has given me the vision for a reason and if its His will, it WILL come together. Within a little over 48 hours, My team and I got together, did all the production, and then God gave me the lyrics as I was in the booth. It was truly one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. What an amazing way to start the year, at Day 1''

Listen to '' Day One'' below.

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