Written by Debola Deji-Kurunmi

OK, I know there's a lot of criticism against Nollywood and some movies are truly a stunning celebration of unparalleled levels of ineptitude and daftness. A friend even said 'every time you watch Africa Magic channels, a brain cell dies in you' Lol! But truth is, this is ours and well, it’s part of our 'rich' heritage!

Anyway, talking about directors, it dawned on me that God is also a Director! He's working on a Master Script and as your life's story plays on, be assured that there's the Supreme being calling the shots.
Your life is, however, not Nollywood and in case you've watched too much “Nneka the Pretty Serpent,” “Yemi my lover” and “Dangerous Love Part 1 to 7”, here's my caution to you not to judge God and life with your Africa Magic mind.

1. Your enemies won't necessarily die or run mad: It is not God's preoccupation, occupation or vocation to kill your enemies or make them run mad after they confess that they are the ones 'doing' you as is common with Patience Ozokwor.
As you see the unfolding sojourn of your life under God's management, don't be shocked at his system of justice. In our earthly time, it might seem like the sinners are going unpunished and those who have done you wrong are getting ahead of you. Be assured, sin has full recompense but what God does is not to kill those who try to harm you, but He makes sure you are not overcome by their evil.

2. There's middle class in life: As against the lie we find in our movies, there's middle class in real life! Don't be deceived by the miracle of Mike Ezuruonye getting a fabulous job just after NYSC and moving into a 'five star' duplex, driving an 'End of Discussion' and earning seven digits for being a faithful accountant! And don't mind Desmond Elliot trekking the streets of PH five years after Uni, surviving on Boli and Epa, and living in a run down one room apartment.

There are small beginnings, not so small to be called a poor estate and there are prosperous progresses not so big to be called a major break! Life is a journey, so don't feel unsuccessful because you earn 60k, take bus to and fro work, can't afford a Nokia Lumia and don't wear designer Cologne.
Even if you are not where you want to be, remember this is not where you used to be.

As God directs your life, He won't necessarily make you meet Ini Edo, the daughter of Pete Edochie, who just decides to favor you with 10million Naira, you will work hard, save little by little, make your brain sweat and broadcast your business ideas on BB, then it will keep adding up to your progressive prosperity!

3. Romance might not mean Boutique Trips: Ehn ehn! My sisters in da Lord, this is for us. Well, if you are single and standing in faith to meet your man of destiny, keep in mind that you are not Tonto Dike meeting a Jim Iyke freshly arriving from Jand, therefore, true love might not mean trips to the boutique with odd Whitney Houston songs in the background of your life story, or running around lonely beaches and falling to be carried.
Romance could mean dreaming up a future together, serious strategy sessions, intense prayer times, happy laughter over homemade meals and promises of an enduring commitment. Wise up!

If you are already married and Africa Magic is confusing your expectations, please don't pay your subscriptions again o. How can you let man made fiction ruin your God made future? So because your husband is not Ramsey Noah taking you, Nse to the Bahamas for vacation, you are losing your joy? Ha! Na wa for you o!
Having said that sha, our men, that's no excuse not to trip us o.

4. God has the proper subtitles: Just the other day, a Yoruba movie's scene had the following subtitling: 'Kunle please kill me inside, don't killed me outside'...If you are not a Yoruba person, you can't understand that groove. But be assured that as the script of your life plays out, God's subtitles are right!

You might not understand the language life is speaking sometimes and stuff happens that makes you want to ask 'wetin dey o?' but if you look closely and listen with your heart, you will hear the Spirit subtitling the script, breaking it down in a language you can understand and offering invaluable perspective! That perspective is what keeps you sane through life's mad dramas.

I'd conclude on this tomorrow!
Have a good year and keep God as your Director and Producer, that way, we should WATCH OUT for you!

With irrepressible joy,
Debola Deji-Kurunmi

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  1. love it. can't wait for part II!

  2. Gbogbo e make serious sense

  3. Quite intresting and also to remember that God does not respond to your enemies listening to Psquare's song 'Do me I do you'