Written by  Debola Deji-Kurunmi

Hmmmn! I've gotten so many messages, BB requests, BBMs, and even a phone call for the first part of this note, which you can read here: 

Thank you all for your grand encouragement, life is a lot more colorful with friends and family like you! So here are my concluding thoughts.

 5. No Details are Lost: I know you’ve seen movies with Mercy Johnson in the village, acting a princess from the 70s, yet she's got acrylic nails fixed! And have you seen the recent movie showing a scene with flashback to the early 90s, guess what's on one of the shop doors? VISAFone!!!! No jokes! I could never understand why Racheal Oniga would have the same weave on from when her son was born till during his graduation from MBA.

Still, I want you to know that with God, no detail is lost. You may think He's forgotten but He's not! He's not. Everything about your life, dreams, desires, experiences and prayers are known to him. He calls the stars each by name, and I hope that convinces you. Whenever you are tempted to put a call through to God to say "Hello sir, this is just to remind you that I am 34, beautiful, godly and husbandless", just remember that He remembers...and He will make all things alright!

 6. Abortions don't always lead to death: I understand that to create a story with strong moral, when Nkiru Sylvanus commits abortion, she dies or permanently loses her womb but you see when God is Director, she may actually give birth to more children than the wife who married as a virgin. Ehn yes! God is not fair, HE is JUST!

Two things - God does have great mercy! But the bigger truth here is that life isn't often final in its repercussion or fatal in its judgment, yet what is wrong is wrong. And if you keep up in error just because the consequence isn't immediate or apparent, you will find that gradually but surely, you will deplete in joy, depreciate in capacity and become lean in your soul.
Do what is right, keep your life true and straighten out your ways. It will preserve your peace and prosperity!
 7. Your friends aren't all trying to betray you: Yes, Oge Okoye often takes over Chidi Mokeme from good girl Uche Jombo, and you’ve seen Femi Brainard steal Funso Adeolu's business idea, but hey…tread softly, life isn't so full of so much shit at the end of the day. Friends don’t always betray, siblings don’t often kill one another, Pastors don’t always steal church funds, wives don’t often poisons their husbands, men are not always unfaithful…it’s a lie of the Enemy, don’t buy it!
There are still friends you can trust, fun to share, laughter to treasure, family to adore and a future to experience. Should you become gullible? No! Be guided by the Spirit. Don’t set out in life anticipating to be deceived, slandered or disappointed. Expect to be loved, respected, and supported. Stop all these “aiye akamara” outlook, because those who expect to be betrayed often find their expectations!

8. It’s gonna be a Bestseller: This is not a shoddy, poorly scripted, badly directed and cheaply produced work! This is not “Royal Princess” “Jungle Justice Part 1 to 4” “Endless Attraction” or “Mass Destruction Part 1 & 2”This is your life, under God. He will bring forth a finely finished story one worthy of praise to His name. Trust that though you may not always understand everything, but if you keep yourself in the love of God, He will make a bestseller out of your biography.

God will do you well...that's His DNA. He will keep your lot in life, He will remember you, He will sustain you in drought, He will forgive you…He will take care of you. If men get a chance to read your story, they’d see punctuations of grace, exclamations of favor, and indentations of mercy! Just stop jumping from behind the camera; trying to direct your life, let God announce you, this is bigger than Edidi Lane, Ebinpejo or Iweka Road, Onitsha!

If you are a woman, I'd love to invite you to our Prayer Luncheon for Women this Saturday, 19th January by 10am at Finicky Restaurant, 8, Jibowu Street, Yaba. It’s our Mothers’ Prophetic Assembly for mothers, mothers-to-be, pregnant women, those in faith for children and single woman ready to make prayer investments for their children’s future.

With boundless dreams,
Debola Deji-Kurunmi

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  1. Hmmm...an x-ray exposing a skillful weave of originality,'what is' and 'what really is' in this large canvass of 'reality and perceptions'.
    I sure see the handwork of 'The Director' on yet another unNollywood-like masterpiece. Great Piece.

  2. Wonderful write up!

  3. Such a insightful and inspirational piece, ride on!