Sometime in January 2013, an opus dance single was released from the stables of one of Nigeria’s favorite gospel greats, Gbenga Adenuga. Titled ‘E be like say’, the track went viral barely few minutes of its online release.You can download the song here .

The alacrity with which the track spread across Nigeria, UK, South Africa, Ghana and other countries triggered a huge following for it and this made it a phenomenon of sorts. The track premiered on a lot of blogs/sites and became a hot item on the playlist of people across the globe.

Just when we thought the hype was toning down, the crooner of the ‘E be like say’ gospel dance hit, Gbenga Adenuga, has announced the official unveiling and kick-off of a dance routine search for the track.

Aptly titled “Step Out on “E Be Like Say”, the dance routine search is clearly not a competition but a fun way to find a good and unique dance step for the song.

Interested persons are encouraged to participate without necessarily being a professional dancer.

 According to its official release, “This is a dance routine search not a dance competition. Innovation is key. The routine must be simple, fun and easy to follow. It doesn’t necessarily have to be energetic.”

Obviously, this dance routine search is just another fun way to enjoy this trending track. However, the organizers of the search will reward the eventual winner with N250,000 and the finalists will be made to appear on the oncoming ‘e be like say’ video.

To participate, follow the instructions below;

Log on to
1.            Fill the form and upload same on the site
2.            Download the song
3.            Record video and upload on our site – no video uploaded on YouTube will be treated
4.            Multiple entries are allowed
5.            Please note only the first 100 entries will be treated.
6.            Entries are open for submission from Friday 1st March 2013 and closes once we hit 100.

Finalists will be contacted
Registrants should note that only the first 100 entries will be treated and submission is open from Friday 1st of March 2013. It closes once the 100 mark is reached.

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