Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Ogisi KingJoe is from Abiriba in Abia State of Nigeria.  A graduate of History and International Relations. She is a songwriter / singer who sings gospel R&B, Soul, Worship and Funk. She started singing since her childhood days and has written so many songs.

She's been singing in her church choir and been invited to so many programmes -music concert, event etc. On November 25th 2011 she ministered a track from her debut album titled ' God Of All Ear's at Lagos during her church Kingdom Life Conference held by The presiding Bishop of TREM Bishop Mike Okonkwo Former PFN President. The programme was shown life on the internet / TV. Her dream is to reach out to souls through music. Making people to have a heart of worship and telling the whole world how great God is through music.

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