One thing that Amarachi Angela Nwankwo (Amaray) understands is that her life is all about the gospel and gospel music has always been a part of her. The Abia State born multi-talented gospel artiste is the 3rd born of Two brothers and a sister to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Nwankwo.

Amaray has proved herself to be a pioneer when she sprinkled a taste of contemporary fills into African mix in her new debut Album in 2012.
One will be right to acknowledge that the effervescent gospel artiste is redefining the musical history in Nigeria Christian scene after the release of her 12 tracks debut album titled: “MY SAY”.  Indeed she has further cemented her place in the heart of many with her resounding notes in her hit songs such as: “Dreamer, EBI EBI, Plus Minus, Oke mgbidi and Riwo Riwo”. In her bold attempt to broaden the range of the traditional gospel audience, Amaray is set to take heat from the naysayers as long as it didn’t get in the way of delivering the inspired message.
After Many years of being a music director, song writer, and producer, Amaray shows no signs of slowing down, she introduced a brand of contemporary sound by infusing western fills into African music and she was able to deliver her inspired message to the public.

Amaray maintains a multi-faceted career as a recording/performing Artiste,  music director, producer, writer and musical concert clinician who is signed unto Raw Gold Entertainment. Reaching people of all ages is a key component of RAW GOLD ENTERTAINMENTs and this vision reflects AMARAY's commitment.  She's God fearing, God loving and eager to fulfill her mandate. Her Passion for God, gospel music and transparency has kept her with the Raw Gold Entertainment crew together till date.

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