Thursday, April 18, 2013


One of Midnight Crew’s finest and Nigeria’s most Prolific Fuji gospel singer  Mike Abdul a.k.a Mr Spaghetti just released a brand new single Titled “Morire”  featuring rising female gospel sensation Monique and is released under Midnight Crew Music and Spaghetti Records.
 The song begins with the famous “Cele” bell clanging and then proceeds with the entire instrumentation, also Mike’s husky fuji voice gave the song a sizzling twist such that you ‘wanna’ dance.

This, for me gives it a general church appeal and to define this song, I will say, it is a rare street-church music that you will be more than willing to sing along any time any day.

Now for the record, this song is bound to become a church anthem very soon watchout!

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