The highly anticipated sophomore album of the seasoned and versatile writer of infinity's Olorioko, Aye ole, and only praise, the Eledumare classic crooner, Kenny K'ore , is due to be out in a few weeks from now.
The 10tracks Album is titled NOAH, after the Bible character by the same name.

Kenny K'ore believes that some of the characteristics of Noah's time have become undeniably the features of our society today. And since Christ said this would be the sign of the season of His second coming, K'ore is compelled to draw his listeners attention to the intriguing reality of Bible prophecies being fulfilled in our generation.

With tracks like #Nibo { where are you going } and #Are you ready, addressing our eternal destination.

Songs like #Super star, # Atiramipada, and # He restores my soul, talking about the celebrity status craze amongst gospel artistes and how K'ore who used to be ensnared by such craze too, has been redeemed to only concentrate on pleasing his maker.

Kenny, undoubtedly a lover boy, and staying true to that part of him, includes #Sucre { a love song } in the mix.

There are other tracks like #Kuluso which promises to be the hottest track in the album.

The Album NOAH, boasts of seasoned producers like; Wole Oni, Rotimi, Wilson Joel, Willz, and Kenny K'ore himself producing 3 of the tracks.

NOAH promises to be an enlightening and refreshing experience that you'll want to have over and over again.

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