Friday, June 14, 2013


Some Place To Go(#SPTG),conveys a tale of a young Christian; who serves God diligently, but got to a point in his life where life's burdens became way too much for him to bear (family issues, lack of money, etc). Eventually he got tired of relying on his strength & he finally decided to hand over the reins of his life to God...

Double Es(pronounced as "Double S")@diipoyourmie

Born; Samuel Oladipo Olorunyomi, in Kaduna state, Nigeria, in the '80's... He fell in love with Hiphop during the "Golden Era".

He's a vibrant young man who sincerely believes that he can use his gift & talent through music to change the world & win souls over for God's kingdom.

He's the Leader & founder of the Hiphop clique; Tha Bonafyde Emceez.