Arokoyo Samuel(born May1 1992),who performs under the stage name CLIM(CHRIST LIVES IN ME),is a Nigerian Rapper,song writer and a physicist.

Born in Northern nigeria (KADUNA) But He is an indigene of KOGI STATE. He started listening to Rap music at age 14.He got inspired by rappers like Rick Ross,Eminem,Snoop Dog,Nasir Jones and D'Game. He never Knew he was going to be caught up doing Gospel Music some day until he got to know about gospel rappers like MC JIN,TIMOTHY BRIDLE,NUTTY JOSH,RAPSODY,SHAI LINNE,EVANGEL,LECRAE,MC KRONYK and VONTRAP.


He had an encounter with a youth group called"YOUTH WITH A PURPOSE"(YWAP) where he met a team of Gospel Rappers who are blind folded by an irresistible passion of the unveiled truth of the Cross.

This team is called SOUL FLAME. As destiny would have it,he became an active member of the crew at the later part of the year 2010 where he began to learn the truth of Gods word and his skills as a Rapper.

Listen to what he has to say about the song  ‘’The Term Jist means (Jesus is still the)Fashion. To get a clearer picture of what Jist fashion is,I'll just say a little about its meaning and relevance. Jist fashion can also be used as a case study because it explains the Life and Nature of God. This title "Jist Fashion" will be made more understandable to you as a person when you can answer this questions :
1.What is it that God has that men desire Him?
2.Why is it that he Never gets tiring?
Basically,let's sit and think. Don't We realise that the same God our parents desired at their early days is the same God we still passionately desire often? There's definitely something about God that man can't phantom and I believe its His sovereign nature. This nature and life remains new by the day,this nature never fades aways,His Godly Fashion Never seize to stop Reigning even till eternity. That's Basically why Jesus is still the Fashion’’

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