Okay...We sure do like what's going down in the Nigerian gospel music ministry sector. Recently, there is an upsurge of activities that are reviving the spread of the gospel with urban content and one of such is this effort put together by DJ Ernesty.

DJ Ernesty is a lover of Gospel Music and a tool to the propagation of the word through music. He has recently worked with a legion of Gospel artistes who are regarded as close friends to come up with his first official material titled "Street Gospel Mix-tape (season one) THE ALBUM"  released on 31-03-13 (easter day last year).

 This project has a line-up of some of the top names in the sub genre in Abuja & Lagos Nigeria and is indeed one to look out for.

The premiere Held at Hosanna House Christian Centre, off Ademola Adetokunbo Crescent Wuse2 Abuja, with memories that can never be forgotten..

The event featured performances from top and fast growing gospel ministers  such as Steve Willis, Okey Sokay, Nuefy, T-max, Rymsta Ray, G-race, Glow Glow, Mr Ricketts, Funmi, Tiolu, Da-Worship, Phil o. Bells,Yung Willis,freezo, Seba, Game Man,Preacha, and a host of others such as Jay-R (sam amaga entertainment), Mista seth (mista seth's kitchen),C-rydaz (ATC Club),kenny sam (Boss Entertainment),otto von pablo (ATC club),Donsam (soul brother entertainment), Japhy Davies (iroko records), Jungle Fever (iroko records), Abel bright, Arome, Inyene (rocktown records), phil roberts.  and the MCS for the Event were Kryss tha boss (OAP coolfm 96.9 abuja), yaksman (OAP wazobia FM 99.5 abuja), MC Danny Sucre, MC Bros jay, etc.


1 INTRO (freestyle on vc perez beat) :
2 MOVING FORWARD (G-race ft. Dj Ernesty & rymstaray):
3 SING (tiolu ft. T-max, Roland, okey sokay)

4 IYANU (RymstaRay ft. GlowGlow):

5 TODAH  Nuefy ft. Okey Sokay & Gameman)

6 KELEYA:(RymstaRay)

7 HANDS UP (Seiba)

8 WANNA BE (Dj Ernesty ft. SteveWillis)

9 GLORY GLORY (GlowGlow)

10 OLORI AYE (Funmi)

11 KEEP PRAISING (RymstaRay)

12 PRAISE THA LORD (G-race ft. SteveWillis)

13 DAVID DANCE:       

Got to grab a copy at a cd store near you..this is brought to you by street gospel reachout and Cloud9 media.

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