When it comes to Christian actors David and Tamela Mann, their onscreen fussing antics as Mr. Brown and
Cora-- a comedic father and daughter team in Tyler Perry productions--are only for show. In real life, this
dynamic husband and wife pair, together for 25 years, get along handily. And still, after all these years, are
madly in love.

When you pick up the 2014 Couples Issue of Ebony Magazine, you will see their luminous smiles brightening up
the face of the storied glossy. Inside the pages, the 47-year-old’s share their secrets to happiness and

“Stay in love because when you’re in love, it covers a multitude of fault,” David told Ebony. “Our relationship
wasn’t based on good sex or having a lot of money. It was based on just straight friendship. That’s what has
kept us.”

Following up his remarks, Tamela added, “I pray and ask God to keep my heart and my eyes burning only for
David Mann. I speak his name in my prayers, because I want the desire to stay, so when he touches me, I get

The burning love the faith community darlings share was put on display in 2013 when, in celebration of their
silver wedding anniversary, they reaffirmed their vows in a lavish private ceremony at the Joule Hotel in Dallas
on April 20.

Though the couple now has all the trappings of success to go along with their undying commitment, their
beginnings were humble.

Tamela told US Magazine, "When we got married 25 years ago, we didn't have enough money for a wedding.”
In fact, David was unable to afford a wedding band for his lady love. So the two made their union official in the
pastor’s study and sealed the deal with a borrowed ring.

But after building a strong union based on the right thing—friendship, not materialism—it was years in the
making, but the two were able to have their fairytale wedding after all.

Among the other couples featured in the February Ebony issue are NBA player Carmelo Anthony and reality TV
star Lala Anthony, as well as entertainment executive Nick Cannon and superstar singing wife Mariah Carey.

In 2013 Christian couples TD and Serita Jakes, and DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good were featured.

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