Love(GOD) is the only reason why two people with different personality, way of life, different ways of expressing love even from different upbringing come together to stand as one... Here is a Poem dedicated to all lovebirds out there...

"The little moments that we spend together, makes our life beautiful, Day by Day. Silently, In my heart, I wanna THANK GOD for bringing such a Wonderful person like you my way"

Nevertheless, The process of staying together comes with a lot of good and bad times, lots of discoveries "OMG! she Snores,whew" Lots of expectation "can't he just call me now that I need him most" yet the two wouldn't want to let go because they've left the place of been individuals to become one entity...Only God makes this a reality and HE deserves the "THANK YOU" 

Before you say "THANK YOU" as you sing along, ask yourself; What would the LOVE STORY be without Love(GOD) Himself?

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