Born in Jos, Nigeria, on July of 1989, Royal came to the United States at the age of 4 years old. Shortly after, his parents divorced and his mother gained full custody of Royal and his younger sister.

Starting life in the shelter for battered woman with his mother and younger sister, they started life from scratch in a new country with no family, no home, no money...only God. Never raised with much in a single parent home with a very protective mother, Royal wasn't allowed to do a lot of activities other children his age were used to. Through many struggles, trials, and hardships that occurred, primarily due adjusting to life in a new country, his mother from his youth, instilled in him the eternal value of the Gospel. Though raised in a christian household, the response to commit to the Lord and to pursue a relationship with Jesus began the summer prior to his first semester in college.


Influenced heavily by music such as Cross Movement, Flame, Lecrae, Da' T.R.U.T.H. and many more, Royal was inspired to start writing music as a college sophomore in 2009, under the encouragement of a close friend.

His aim and goal is promote Jesus Christ, edify and encourage the Body of Christ, and by God's grace plant the seed of the Gospel in the heart of each listener that hears his lyrics.

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