Hey guys. Believe you are having a great week. Its so super cool to know the weekend is around the corner and that’s why I have another juicy Twinterview for you. So I got to know about this superstar when I called a number and I heard the caller tune. Well, in all honesty, I didn’t really take it into cognizance until I noticed almost everyone I called had the ringtone. Then as I got into the studio one Sunday morning, I heard Mordu play the song, so I became curious and tried to patiently listen to the song which I never did. *covers face*
This song became a national anthem so in order not to carry last, I found out the person who wrote the song and I got to know it was someone called Nosa. Since part of the lyrics contained ‘pray’ and almost everyone loved the song, I decided to intervene in the matter so I did a little bit of research, got a contact and called. This wasn’t the usual case of getting the direct line so I had to deal with the manager for a long time. Finally, I was able to get him into the studio and I was really surprised because his ‘spiritual content’ is quite high and so many people knew the song but had no clue about who sang the song. The interview on radio was a Huge success all thanks to God and after a while, I decided to conduct a Twitter Interview with him so that other people who didn’t have the opportunity to hear him over the airwaves would have an idea of who he is.
Below is the full Twinterview:

·         Jaibikay: Firstly, let's congratulate Nosa for the successful release of his album. More grace sir. So let's talk about Open Doors by Nosa. Can you please tell us about the album?

·         Nosa: My album Open Doors is my debut album. It’s a 14-track album with songs talking about how I see life in general a Christian. It’s only a coincidence that I have a track called Open Doors on it.

·         Jaibikay: Nice one bruv. So how long did it take you to put the album together?

·         Nosa: F I V E LONG YEARS!

·         Jaibikay: woooow!!! Why did it take that long?????

·         Nosa: Financial issues mostly. Finding an investor ready to finance my work was difficult. I guess it was a "due-paying" process.

·         Jaibikay: 'Due-paying' process. Guess it finally paid off! Soo how did you now make it into Chocolate City.

·         Nosa: I found my way into Chocolate City through the legend Jeffery Daniel who happened to be a next-door neighbour in 2010. Jeffery was co-judges with Audu on Nigerian idols season 1 and a meeting was set up. i initially hesitated because i wanted some terms clarified with the Chocolate bosses.

·         Jaibikay: Oya please tell us about your hit song 'Always pray for You' How did it come about?
  • Nosa: Always Pray for You came while I was a pastor in UNIBEN. I thought about some people who needed help. I made the beat when I got the inspirations and started writing. so I decided to address departure or distance; Then i started picturing all possible scenarios and featured them in the song so that it cud address everything
·         Jaibikay: please tell us a little about yourself.; DOB, schools attended, course read, etc

·         Nosa: My full name is Nosakhare Shadrack Omoregie. Born in Lag and raise in Edo/Delta/Rivers states. Birthday is Feb 26th. Dad is from Edo, mum is from Delta. I studied Elect/Elect Engineering in UNIBEN

·         Jaibikay: What particular fond memories do you have about growing up?

·         Nosa: hmmm. Yes. Every end-of-year holiday period then when my family would be around for the holidays.

·         Jaibikay: Tell us about your journey into music.

·         Nosa: My journey started in 2003 when I ventured into production. I took it up as a challenge to write my own stuff as well. I continued to learn and experiment styles that had influenced me growing up. Venturing into Gospel Music hasn’t been easy because of the religious mindset we're up against as artistes; ); because of how the mainstream have responded to Gospel music in the past.

·         Jaibikay: what else do u do apart from music?

·         Nosa: Besides music I'm a Church Minister, graphics designer and would venture into business soon.

·         Jaibikay: And finally!!!!! What are your last words to us all.

·         Nosa:  Discover your purpose! Maximize your abilities; depend only on God's grace. Be focused. Never give up

Other questions asked by some people were:
·         Livewayradio: What is your music-piration (music & inspiration)

·         Nosa: Life as a whole inspires me. All I see that affects me i want to put into song..

·         Livewayradio: How would you describe the quality of gospel music in Nigeria Today?

·         Nosa: The quality of Gospel music is on the rise with the new breed of artistes coming up who're changing traditional mindsets

·         Livewayradio: what's the difference between Gospel AND Church Music?

·         Nosa: Still for description purposes, a Church singer is one who does songs like praise and worship songs which are targeted towards church congregations and might not be embraced by the mainstream audience.

Well, guess you have heard it from the great man of God. Nosa also pastors a small congregation here in Lagos and is a man who knows what he wants for himself and has an idea of where he is heading to, by the grace of God. See you guys next time as I prepare for another Twinterview. God bless you!!!

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