Emmanuel Erhahi a.k.a Erhahi, a Nigerian singer and songwriter has released his debut single titled: Rhythm of Life (Ole-ho). His music style can be described as Afro RNB/Soul with a fusion of funk. Rhythm of Life (Ole-ho) “was inspired by the Brazil 2014 world cup theme -All in one rhythm of Life” explained by Erhahi; “It was such an inspiring phrase I thought I could pen down some lyrics and make a simple song out of it to support the tournament”. Erhahi further explained that “the cliché: Ole, is simply the English word of Spanish/Portuguese origin which is a chant showing happiness, we just needed to add the: ho, to create a fan-like atmosphere”.
Ole-ho is characterized by classical-high-tempo-instrumentations, which is exclusively symbolic to the Afro-Latino music, as the song incorporates a fusion of the elements of calypso and samba. He made it clear that “our choice of style of instrumentation is influence by the rich musical history of the host country; Brazil, and her historical relationship with Africa; as we wish to mirror, support and showcase their interconnected cultural rhythms”.


 The simple call and response of the song, spiced with the rhythmic harmony and clapping initiates a musical dialogue that encourages everyone to participate. Erhahi exclusively highlighted “it was our goal to produce a simple but yet profound song that everyone would truly love and connect, especially fans from Nigeria; as we would also be represented at the world cup. We also believe Rhythm of Life would go beyond just a football song to a song that would inspire and entertain everyone”. Produced by one of Nigerian’s finest music producers; Victor Okon (E-tracks). Erhahi, a song writer and performing artist is working to further establish his musical career with the release of his album “Brand New End”. His vision is to use his talents: music and voice to reach out and positively influence youths worldwide especially in Africa, in areas of religion, peace, politics, human rights, and capacity building.

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