Here is the long awaited Brand new single 'NUMBER ONE' by UK based artiste Opeyemi Abayomi, popularly known as the Praise Ambassador, featuring Gospel Fuji Power house Mike Abdul of Midnight Crew. 'Number One' is a song that restores hope to the hopeless and challenge the arrived.
This song will definitely win the heart of everyone that loves the African kind of praise.
It has energy, percussions and trust me, you will find this track irresistible. It is a song that reminds all the arrived where they are coming from and to let the world know that if only they can make Him (God) the Number One in every area of their lives, He is able to make them smile again. It is a must DANCE... I mean a must have. Enjoy



Sometimes ago I was living like a slave
Nothing was working I was just on a spot
I cried to you the lifter of my head
To pull me out from my misery
You pull me out yeah
You bless my soul yeah
You lift me up yeah
Above my enemies
I'm gonna praise you, You are the most high
You be number one!

Chorus: my God is good oo eh
Response: in my life o You be number 1 oo

2: You moved my life from zero to hero
You placed my feet on the solid rock I stand
You put a new song in my mouth I'm grateful Lord
Aini ti dopin emi ti dalayo
Everything is working is working in my favour
Nothing nothing can stop me to reign as a king
Tori moni ooo kosi foya mon oo
Aiye mi Dara kosi beru mon

Chorus: my God is Good ooo eh
In my life o you be number 1

Call: you lift me up
Resp: Higher higher
Call: Baba mi Gbemi soke
Resp: Higher higher
Call: You raised me up
Resp: higher higher
Call: ogbemisoke
Resp: Higher
Call: Ire tide
Resp: Ode ode
Call: owolewa
Resp: Ode ode
Call: Ayo tide
Resp: Ode ode
Call: isegun de
Resp: Ode ode
Call: I'm going
Resp: Higher higher
Call: Above poverty
Resp: Higher
Call: Above sickness
Resp: Higher
Call: Above sorrow
Resp: Higher
Call: Ire mide
Resp: Ode
Call: I gbega
Resp: Ode
Call: Ayo mide
Resp: Ode
Call: Prosperity
Resp: Ode
Jaburata jaburata jaburata

Fuji in
Jesu loni central bank
No be story grace and mercy no be story ooo
I believed what he said
I become what I see
Come and see what He's done
He has done it for me
Thank you thank you lounfe
Thank you thank you lounfe oo
Ko gbowo ko gbobi
Thank you thank you lounfe ooo

My God is good o eh
In my life ooo you be number 1 oo

Duet: akiri sore asore kiri

Resp: in my life o you be number 1 o

Call: Jehovah nissi Jehovah Shallom that's what you are to me

Resp: in my life o you be number 1

Wetin hin do me plenty se fe gbo yeyeye

Resp: in my life o you be number

Tani un o mafope fun
Tani un o fiyin fun

Resp: in my life o you be number 1

From ages to ages thou art God forever

Resp: in my life o you be number 1

My God is good say no be story
In my life o you be number 1 o.

Artiste Profile: 
Opeyemi Abayomi, Song Writer, Music Director, Praise Leader, Multi Instrumentalist, Talk Show Host is based in the Republic of Ireland. A gospel artiste who started his musical career at a very tender age.
He started learning to play drums at the age of 11 under the supervision of his parents in Ibadan, Nigeria. His love for music led him to learning the piano as well as the guitar.
He has led different choirs and Mass choirs as a Music Director and has played for different bands with divers genre of music, and worked with great music producers and artistes both in and outside Nigeria. And all this inspired him to start a musical band in 2005 known as Davboard music organization, where he continued to play gospel & highlife music for social events and different concerts  both in Nigeria and Europe.

Shortly after, God called him into full time ministry of gospel music. God's presence is often confirmed during his ministrations which has produced divers testimonies, all to the glory of God.
He has ministered alongside the likes of Sammie Okposo, Gabriel Ezeashi, Samsong, Gbenga Adenuga, Asu Ekiye, Wole Oni, Mike Abdul and other ministers of God.
He's always referred to as a praise ambassador because of his unique and energetic way of praising God. Ope, as he is fondly called by friends, believe that it is a great privilege to be chosen as a servant of God to praise His holy name. He is happily married to Taiwo Abayomi and they are blessed with beautiful children.

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