As we begin another 365 days walk, uprising worship leader, Prince Austine is out again with MY SHINING LIGHT as a follow up to his first single titled how great is our God.

My shining light is a song with so much depth that opens your eyes to the shifting of man from the realm of darkness into the realm of light by the God of light in whom there is no darkness at all.
It expresses God's unconditional love that carries man regardless of the weight of this world that man has put on himself. God has opened the door of his light and has called us into it, 1peter 2:9.
As the potter, He sheds off these weights and gradually moulds us into who He wants us to be.
Psalms 119:105 Now by His word, you can see where you are going.
He is your light and your salvation, you have nothing to fear Psalm 27:.
And this song brings to remembrance that your private life with God is what gives you public essence.

Download, listen and pray with it, and then share with friends and family.


Bright and morning star you shine your light into everything
You are the source of everything that I see
Your love is so amazing
It's deeper than the ocean's floor
You are my shinning light
I see you in the sun that shines
I hear you in the birds that sing
You are the beauty behind nature's ambience
Oh great maker we can't see you but we see you in your work
You are my shinning light

You are everything I want
You are everything I need
You are more than this whole life to me
You are the fire in my bones
And I am lost without your love
You are my shinning light

Oh oh oh oh 34x

Haven't lived a perfect life
But you loved me all the same
I was lost in my own ways until you called
You brought me through thick and thin regardless of my daily sins
You are my shinning light
Oh great potter you fixed me
Made me a better man today
Picked me up piece by piece and repaired
You are the root that gave this tree the height that everybody sees
You are my shinning light

CHORUS again

Oh oh oh oh 34x

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